About us

What is Woodpost?

Woodpost lets you print photos on wood beautifully and easily, then get it shipped to your house from anywhere in the world.

What makes Woodpost special?

When we set out to make Woodpost, we wanted to share with everyone that special feeling of holding your photos in your hand, in the form of a unique, imperfect, and beautiful wooden products. Your photos  no longer stuck in digital form, but are printed on wood and sent to anyone you loved, and you can do that with just a few taps on your phone or tablets.

Our Process

All Woodpost products are made from rubberwood from the Pará rubber trees in southern Vietnam. When the rubber trees no longer produce sap - usually after 25-30 years - the old trees are then chopped down and new ones are planted in their place. This makes rubberwood, besides maple, the most ecologically-friendly material around!